Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of goblins and gold

Gruffydd's hammer smashed the goblin's head like an eggshell. The rest of the goblins inside hissed in alarm. The table they were gaming at, quickly went on its side, to act as makeshift cover. A fat one fumbled with a crossbow, trying desperately to load it. Mellion, still in the doorway fumbled with his own crossbow.
Gildrid, and Gruffydd charged from the doorway, while the rest of the party, further back moved up. Gruffyd, the dwarf, barreled into table, trying to smash it. Instead, the table slid back against the far wall, pinning the goblins.
A desperate struggle ensued, with both sides slicing at each other over the top of the table's edge. The goblins would pop up, and the adventures would try to whack their exposed heads, like some silly game. Except, this game was more deadly.
With everyone crowded around the table, Mellion decided it was time to take a shot with his crossbow. He closed one eye. His tongue sticking out the side of his mouth in concentration.
"Kwing!" went the crossbow string. "Twack!" right into Nemon's backside. Luckily it hit the fighter's water bag, emptying the contents on the dungeon floor. "Hey!," Nemon shouted, "Who's  side are you on?"
Miss Adventure had by this time creeped around the side. She dispatched a distracted Goblin with a quick sword thrust. The others finally smashed, hacked and hewed the remaining goblins.
The small room seemed to have been a guard room. It contained the usual mishmash of untidy goblin life. The goblins themselves though, were curious. Their equipment was in good shape for goblins. Weapons, however crude, were polished. And strangest of all, they carried Electrum pieces!


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    Joel Houston

  2. Is that coin sporting an "eye under the mountain" motif?
    Love it.

  3. Yes, the coins are great, Jaye.

    -- Jeff

  4. Wow. Such high praise for coinage.

  5. Joel, nice site, but RCs aren't really relevant to a blog about D&D.