Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Map in hand, the party left the room and headed for the as yet, untried door just outside the chamber. A quick listen revealed little.
It was unlocked. Gruffydd pushed the door open slightly. A sputtering torch lit a small room. In the center a small goblin ate something nasty from and earthen bowl. Another slept on a cot nearby.
The dwarf kicked the door open and the party barged in. The eating goblin had just reached for a spear next to him, when Gustav brained him with a mace. Miss Adventure buried a sword in the sleeping goblin before it stirred. The room was mostly empty, and smelled terrible. Nemon was pondering where he had smelled the odor before, when something stirred in the corner. That's when the group noticed the back wall had rusty bars along it's length. Something moved behind those bars. Something big....

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