Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roaming about

A bolt from Mellion's crossbow hit the goblin squarely between the eyes. Everyone held their breath as the goblin teetered back and forth before finally collapsing.
"Boom!" When the goblin dropped, the jar hit floor, engulfing the room and its junk in flames. Gruffydd quickly grabbed a tattered tapestry from the wall and began to beat at the fire. Nemon went to grab his water bottle, then remembered it was empty thanks to Mellion.
Miss Adventure watched the hall as Morey began an incantation.
Awhile later the fire was finally tamed. The party was now covered in soot along with goblin blood. Anything that might have been valuable in the room was destroyed. A search of the goblin, however, yielded a large gold necklace and well crafted leather armor under his rags. Miss Adventure took the armor as she was the only one small enough.
After a checking the room and surrounding passages for traps and secret doors, the party finally ventured towards the southern passage where most of the goblinoids had emerged. They moved cautiously.
The hallway made sharp turn towards the east that ended in an open door. Peering through the crack they saw what must of been barracks. The room was too tidy to be goblin living quarters. The cots were made, and the place was generally well kept. And it was empty.
On the western wall hung a banner....


  1. That is a great banner! It would make a terrific basement general's t-shirt.

  2. Not a banner to inspire confidence, is it?

    -- Jeff