Monday, August 8, 2011

...and into the dark they went once more

The arguing about where to go next ended abruptly when the stranger entered the room. He was a young Man, dishevelled, in a blue robe. He was out of breath, "Rat......big rat...down that way..."
He pointed towards the caverns to the south.
"Yes," said Gruffydd, "we know. More importantly, where are you from?" The dwarf lifted his hammer.
"m-my name is Morey." He stood up straighter. "Morey the magian. I came seeking adventure, but my party was ambushed outside these caves...." His voice trailed off as his looked around, as if seeing the finished stone of Well of Souls for the first time.
"You're welcome to stay with us", said Nemon. "but know, we aim to delve deeper into this place. Tis, a dangerous, dark place, fraught with peril."
Morey simply nodded.
As they readied their gear to head down the dark stairs to the west, they heard the great warrior Laramine stagger and make sounds as if to speak. He shook violently until he was almost a blur. There was a loud "POP!" with a bright blue light. There, where Laramine stood, was Mellion the Elf, looking a bit surprised. He shouted "It worked!"
Everyone was a bit stunned. The Elf explained. "When I found out you had left Wall a few days ago, I wanted to follow, but I knew it would be suicide to follow alone in the wilderness. I went to see Professor Nodd. I asked if there was a way to transport me to you. He said there was, but it would not teleport me, but tranpose me with another. He asked if a I had something that belonged to one of you. I said I had "borrowed" one of Laramine's daggers. A handful of gold pieces later, here I am. By the way, what's "transpose mean? And where's Laramine?"
Gruffydd growled and hefted his gear. "Cmon! this way."
The party started down the steps. Morey leaned close to Miss Adventure, who was eating a apple, seemingly unsurprised by the recent happenings. "Does this sort of thing happen alot?," Morey asked her.
Miss Adventure shrugged, and threw the apple core behind her.
The stairs wound down and around. Gruffydd reached the landing first. There and the end of corridor was a slightly open door. A faint light shown through the crack. He looked behind him and whispered, Elves, up front".
Gildrid and Mellion tiptoed to the door, Gruffydd close behind. Mellion pressed a pointed ear close. Inside, he heard voices. There was also laughter, or screaming. It was hard to tell.
Gildrid did like-wise.
It was then the door creaked open. There, in the doorway, stood a very surprised goblin.