Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silent Death

Behind the banner was hidden two boxes. One was made wood, heavy, bound with iron. The other with small, made of metal. Miss Adventure stepped forward as the party's only thief. She looked both boxes over, then carefully opened them. The larger of two was full of electrum. One hundred pieces to be precise. A collective gasp went through the group.
A faint blue crack of light appeared when the smaller box was opened. Inside, resting inside the velvet lining were two vials of the Tears of Shyalla. The blue light gave them away as the famed healing draughts they were.
Now the only thing left to investigate was the wooden door on the south wall. Torches were quickly extinguished, lest their light give them away when opening the door. A quick listen...
A tug. It was open.
Those with infravision could see a single shape at the end of the hallway. A guard for the door beyond. He a was an especially large hobgoblin, absently digging under one of his clawed fingers with a dagger.
Gildrid quietly stepped out. He took a breath, and aimed. Then released...


  1. Ah, some good loot . . . but will the party survive to spend it?

    -- Jeff