Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the Barricades

Having searched the room, it was time to move on. The party had passed a corridor leading south on the way to the goblin guard room. It ended in a "T" junction with a corridor west and one east. The eastern route lead to a doorway blocked from the outside by a filthy and scorched divan. The way west had movement for those with infra-vision, Unfortunately, the torches burning for the Men in the group were obscuring said vision.
Miss Adventure was tasked with crawling up the dirty couch. There was a small opening at the top where the doorway wasn't blocked. Through the crack she saw bright flashes, almost like someone trying to start a fire with a flint. Then, there was a bright flash of fire. Whatever lurked inside, there was lots of scurrying about in the small room.
"Baby dragons." Gustav the cleric concluded. "It has to be. We should grab them."
"You don't know that," said Miss Adventure.
This only started more debate. More arguing.
Gildrid had been left to watch the junction. He heard a whirring noise, then felt the impact of a small barbed javelin hit his shield. "Hey! Someone's shooting at us!"
The strange barricaded room was quickly abandoned as everyone ran towards the commotion.
Another javelin flew by. A third thudded into Gildrid's shoulder. The elf dropped to his knees.
Gustav, Gruffydd and Nemor rushed towards the source of the missile fire. There, in the middle of a corridor junction, was a small barricade. It was made discarded furniture, boxes and the detritus of passing adventurers. Behind this, a gaggle of goblins waited.

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  1. Oooh, more nasty goblinses. Nasty nasty goblinses.

    -- Jeff