Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ambush

Two heavily armed and armored hobgoblins stepped into sight. Gildrid's arrow caught one just above his gorget. Black blood spewed all over his companion as he thunked to the floor. The remaining hobgoblin turned and fled. Mellion drew a bead on him, but the bolt from his crossbow went wide.
The two elves alerted the rest of the party. "He'll be back," said Gruffydd, "with friends."
After some discussion, it was decided to lay a trap at the intersection where before the secret door. Half of the party would hide on north, the other half to the south. The fighters, Nemon and Gruffydd would be in the front.
It wasn't long before a group of goblinoids came down the hall. There were two hobgoblins and 6 of their lesser kin. One of the goblins, a barrel chested larger creature, was sniffing at the air.
"This way!" he squeaked, and pointed the direction of the party. With a bellow he charged ahead of the rest.

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