Monday, August 22, 2011

the Boss

Gildrid's arrow thudded into the guard's shoulder pinning him the door. He let out a small squawk, right before two crossbow bolts hit the hobgoblin in the throat and open mouth. He sagged down, still pinned to the door.
The party quickly moved down the hall. There was a door at the corner to the right. They ignored it. As quietly as they could they pried the guard form the door and set him down. The fighters crammed the doorway.
Gildrid cleared his throat, then while banging on the locked door, in hobgoblin said, "Hey, let me in!"
A loud voice replied, "Who in the Nine Hells do you think you are? Banging on my door! Grashnak, I'm going to stomp a new hole in yer face!"
THe door swung open to reveal the largest hobgoblin yet.

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