Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hitting a wall

Gruffydd was up and over the barricade before the goblins knew what was happening. Miss Adventure was atop the pile, swinging away with her short sword. Even Morey, who until then had held back from most of the frays, had waded in, stabbing with his dagger.
Gustav the cleric took a barbed spear to the stomach and retreated, to be replaced in the line by Nemon, whose heavy armor often meant he got to the fight last.
It was quick work with only Gustav and Gildrid hurt. The benevolent cleric decided to use a healing spell on himself, and left Gildrid to beg for a healing draught from Miss Adventure. The halfling begrudgingly handed it to him.
After loot was taken (more electrum), the party headed west, with a keen eye to the dark passage south. The passage ended with another junction north and south. At this intersection was a wall. On the wall was a carved relief of a bearded man with a hand held aloft. Light rays sprang from his hand, while his other held a staff. At his feet were skulls. A wizard? A god?

Gruffydd, the only dwarf in the party stroked his beard as he often did while deep in thought. He reached forward and touched the wall. With cloud of dust and a deep creaking the wall rose up, revealing a huge cavern beyond. It appeared to be a temple of sorts, with tall pillars and an alter.
Another fierce debate began. Some wanted to enter the temple. Some wanted to see what lay north or south. Gustav wanted to go back to where he believed his baby dragons dwelled.
Mellion and Gildrid, the two elves had been left behind at the barricade could the party's shouting from where they were. Apparently, they weren't the only ones.
A voice from the unexplored southern passage shouted, "What's all this, then?"
The question was asked in Hobgoblin.

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