Friday, October 29, 2010

Interlude: What's been explored....

A map showing what has been explored Beyond the Wall. Each hex represents a days walk, unhindered by weather.
Now, set within the larger context of the campaign world.


  1. I still say your party are the luckiest D&D players to have such well illustrated adventures. Do you feature these drawings during the game itself?

    Have you seen the newish book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks by Gilsdorf? I'm 30 pages in and really enjoying it.

  2. Not during the game. This is a post gaming session write up because of the nature of a "Sandbox" campaign, I don't know where their going to go. For instance, Logun was just a random encounter roll: "Lycanthrope". Rather than just have them rum into some giant wolf walking around, I had them him in his human form. Maybe he didn't know he was a were-wolf? Or did he?
    Have never heard of the book, but will pick it up now.
    As far as the drawings go, I have been an Art Director for several years now, and got away from anything creative (other than painting miniatures). This gave me a chance to dig out the old sketch book.

  3. Ah. That makes sense. But are there not instances where you know they will be in a certain place or meet a certain NPC that you could illustrate for them? Maybe make little character cards for each portrait?

    I'm a graphic designer, so I too use this hobby for some traditional painting / creativity.