Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Little Pony

And off they ran. It was over. Zombie plant creatures, bugbears, land sharks, and talking corpses. It was all too much.
They ran and ran. After a day and night they stopped. Exhausted, they entered the glen where their friend the Dryad, Newly, once lived. The grove of full on small trees. Despite the blistering heat a pitiful rain, these trees seemed to flourishing.
Then, they spotted movement. They tensed and waited for the ambush the Lord Marshal had warned them of.
Instead of monsters or bandit they saw a small pony.
"Amazon!" Miss Adventure screamed and ran to the horse. It must have escaped the Land Shark attack. Indeed, it was scratched here and there but otherwise unharmed.
It was only a short distance back to Wall. But the ribbing they would get from their fellow adventurers over this misadventure, would be long and brutal.

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