Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things shiny and shambling

Gruffydd took the brunt of the rat swarm, but soon others jumped in. It involved more smashing, squashing and flailing than real fighting.
Gustav was able to call upon his god to heal the minor scrapes and bites. What he couldn't fix, a few healing potions did.
That room yielding only a few coins amongst the refuse, they moved to the next room. There, in the dark, something shuffled and moved. The torchlight revealed and figure clad in once rich robes, now turned to rags. Shining through the filth something glittered. The creature wore a heavy chain of gold and brilliant silver gauntlets.
The thing itself hissed. It was the color of a deathly ill man. Its hands ended in razor sharp claws. It's eyes, burning red coals of hate.
Gustav pushed his way to the front. "Back! Back spawn of hell!" He thrust forth talisman and prayed to Arnor for strength.
A hideous cackling that sounded came from the ghoul. "Not strong enough....for me..."


  1. Do your players realize that they do not have to fight everything? Do they know that it is okay to "run away"?

    Time will tell.

    -- Jeff

  2. Don't you remember the last mini adventure? All they did was run.

  3. Over 30 years ago, Rick Keneely explained the three rules of D&D this way.

    Rule 1 -- never fight anything you don't have to fight.

    Rule 2 -- things are almost never what they seem to be.

    Rule 3 -- if what you see is an elephant dancing in your pajamas, what you see is an elephant dancing in your pajamas ... AND YOU HAD BETTER FIGURE OUT WHY!

    -- Jeff