Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Running Around

"Sounds like good advice", Miss Adventure said.
They turned and left the tree quickly. So quick that they almost ran into the bugbear they lost earlier.
The big creature turned and faced them. "Lunch!"
Gildrid drove his remaining spear into the belly of the bugbear. He grunted and snapped the shaft in two, leaving half still in his belly.
Miss Adventure took the opportunity to stab with her small sword, but missed.
The bugbear slapped her aside and bashed Gildrid with the haft of his halberd. The elf fell on his backside.
As the bugbear finally removed Gildrid's spear from his gut, Miss Adventure used the distraction to sneak behind him. She jumped and drove her sword deep into the creature's back. As he howled in pain, Gildrid stood and drawing his sword finished the Bugbear.
After they had stripped the corpse of it's few useful items, they decided to head back to the Deepen Wood. The two had a half-baked plan to burn the plant controlling the dead with oil and fire.
Once inside the woods again and out of the intense heat, pulled all their remaining oil from their packs. Gildrid lit a torch.
Once again, they entered the clearing. This time five walking corpses emerged from the undergrowth. They had the same sickly yellow flesh. They shambled forward, guided by the plant at the center of the clearing.
Miss Adventure's throw was off. Her oil landed just short of the plant. But it was too late. Gildrid had already thrown the torch. Instead of catching the master on fire, they had caught the slaves. Now, fiery zombies were attacking them...

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  1. Oh oh, not quite according to plan, eh? Well I'll tune in next episode and find out what happens.

    -- Jeff