Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poking in Holes

"There are three ways we can do this," Gruffydd said. "We fight him. And we'll lose by the way. We can negotiate. Giants are stupid, but they're greedy and always hungry. We'' probably lose some gold and a couple horses.
Or, we can find a way around."
Just then, Miss Adventure returned from a quick sneak around the tower. "He looks like he's here to stay", she said.
Quietly, they all mounted up and rode into the unknown area down the river. The ground leveled out, and slowly became swampy. The river became a marsh, and fordable at a wide, flat lake. There they crossed.
It was afternoon by the time they made it to the cliffs overlooking the river again. A cool, fireless night was spent there on the cliffs.
Early the next morning they found the side entrance to the Well of Souls they had found weeks before. The cave mouth was overgrown with foliage, and it took some negotiating to get the horses inside.
The cavern inside was wide and tall enough to fit the horses in. It was agreed, this was for the best, rather than leave them to the elements. There were three small tunnels in the cave.
"Left to right?" Gruffydd asked, "or right to left?"
Torches lit, they went single file down the right most tunnel, the dwarf leading the way.
The tunnel was rough and sloped down into a small cavern. It stank of rot and animal dung. It stunk of RATS!
A horde of giants rats made their home here. On seeing the torchlight, they swarmed the closest adventurer.