Thursday, July 12, 2012

Run, run away....

There was a terrible scream as the beast tore into Gildrid's horse. He rose to spear the creature.
"No!" Miss Adventure yelled. "You can't hurt it it. All we can do is run."
After a short backward glance at her terrified pony, Miss Adventure took off, followed by Gildrid. They headed for the road.
"They love to eat Halflings," she said between puffs. Just then the beast let out roar. He was following.
"Stop," Miss Adventure said to Gildrid. "We can't outrun it, but I have a plan."
She pulled her magic boots from her backpack, and handed them to Gildrid. He was confused. She never shared. Never. After another roar from creature he sat upon the trembling ground and put them on. Miss Adventure hopped on his back.
In a cloud of dust they were gone.
They headed north along the Old Trade Road to where they had discovered  an abandoned village in a previous expedition. It had been infested from below with kobolds.
"Let's hope the previous residents haven't returned", the halfling said.
They found a burned out hovel that still had the remains of a roof. The magic boots gave you fantastic speed but took a toll on your body. Gildrid collapsed to the floor exhausted. There was still some night left, so Miss Adventure took the watch while Gildrid slept. Within moments she was fast asleep.


  1. Sleeping while on watch is not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. Why what if there still are kobolds about? Or something even more sinister?

    -- Jeff

  2. I make them roll 4d6 trying to hit at or below their Constitution. Despite her 16, she failed.