Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Out of the Frying Pan

"RUN!" shouted Miss Adventure.
Dragging the horses behind, the two ran back down the trail. The emerged from the Deepen Wood into the bright sunshine and heat.
"What was that?" asked Gildrid.
"I don't know," replied the halfling, "but I'm pretty sure I know what happened to those trees in a small ravine next to the slowly drying remains of a stream. Gildrid would take the first watch. At some point during the night the ground rumbled. At first he jokingly thought it was simply Miss Adventure's stomach. But, then it happened again. He was in the process of waking her when the ground twenty feet away erupted. The raining dirt pelted the elf and halfling waking Miss Adventure.
Through her bleary eyes she recognized the thing all halflings fear.


  1. I've missed these adventures so much.

    Have some players dropped out?

  2. We had one move away, but that's it. We actually have a large group to choose from. 4-5 kids plus 6-8 adults. Just scheduling problems. Summer's tough. Everyone goes out of town, etc. My kids were screaming to play, thus the adventure we have now. Soon the rest will be joining.
    The other problem is we also like Mutant Future Gamma World), so that cuts into D&D times. I'll probably make blog for that, too.

  3. "Landshark" . . . what is an attorney doing beyond the Wall?

    -- Jeff