Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dead End

Every step was taken with care. Every stone making up the floor could be a potential trigger. A trigger ready to drop an avalanche of rocks from above, or storm of poison darts from hidden crevices.
They approached single file with Gruffydd in the lead. He toed each stone before putting his weight on it. The others behind were careful only to step where he stepped.
After what seemed like an enormous amount of time they reached the door unscathed. Miss Adventure hurried to the front to put an ear to the door and check the lock. The lock wasn't trapped, and she put stuck her tongue in and out rapidly, miming a snake, to show she heard lizardmen on the other side.
She ducked just in time to have Nemon smash the door in.
He crashed inside, crushing one lizardman under the door. The rest hissed and charged the door.
One fell to a crossbow bolt from Mellion, another to Gruffydd's hammer.
It was a cramped, chaotic melee in the dark room. No one escaped without some sort of cut or scrape. When it was over, eight lizardmen littered the filthy floor.
In a corner, Miss Adventure found a chest and too large bags. The bags were full of jewels, the chest stuffed with coins.
"This is great", said Nemon, "but we still have to find a way out of here."
After a quick a search for hidden doors by Miss Adventure and Gruffydd, the dwarf spoke. "Hmmm, no doors, but there are fewer lizards here than we faced in the passage. We didn't pass any on the way here, so they had to go somewhere."
Gear was gathered. Wounds were bound and the last crumbs of rations eaten.
And somewhere in the dark, the manticore roared.....

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  1. Got to be an exit somewhere . . . question is, where?

    I liked Miss Adventure's tongue signal . . . nice.

    -- Jeff