Monday, November 11, 2013


Lizardmen seemed to pour from every dark crevice. Them approached slowly in a low crouch, all the while emitting a low hiss. They came from both ends of the tunnel, a least a dozen.
Then, suddenly, the hissing stopped as well as the advancing reptiles. For a moment, no one moved.
"Well," Gruffydd shouted, "come on then!"
Beyond the edge of the light of their torches, something big moved. Some of the lizrdmen shuffled aside. Into the light stepped a giant Lizardman.
He was brighter in color than the rest. He had great spines protruding from his head and back. His helmet was made from a great serpent, fangs and all. Bones made his breast plate. He carried a great axe made of sharpened stone.
The great beast flicked a bright blue tongue to taste the air.
Then, with a great war cry, Gruffyd attacked.


  1. I just spent the last week or so reading the adventures so far. I just wanted to say I thought they were great and I love the art that goes with. There's a lot of great detail to this world and the adventures themselves seem fun.

  2. Thanks, hope to get some more up and running soon. My kids are teenagers now, so pinning them down to play is tough.
    Thinking of releasing the art as a separate book or module.