Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Angel of Death

No one seemed particularly excited in finding out what was behind the door.
Gruffydd was the first to speak, "We either go down those steps, deeper into the dark, or we see what's behind this door."
There were more nods of agreement than nos. The dwarf began the smash at the boards and lock with his mighty hammer. The halls echoed with the banging.
A few minutes later the door swung open. Beyond was a long hallway. Nemon lead the way, torch in one hand, sword in the other.
The hall was finished stone, ten feet wide. A dozen yards into the hall and they came upon another door on the south side of the wall. It too was locked.The hallway still went on farther into the dark.
"I don't know if we should go forward, with an unexplored door behind us," Gildrid spoke. The rest of the group responded with raised eyebrows. Gildrid urging caution?
Miss Adventure was already at work on the lock. The door swung open to a large room.
It too was of finished stone. Another door was on the wall opposite. It was empty except for six large statues carved in relief from the walls. They were or robed, winged skeletons, each bearing a carved stone sword. Morr's Angell's were not an unusual sight for a crypt, but still, Gruffydd urged haste.
They were all busy searching the room when the door slammed shut! Immediately a foul smelling green gas pouring from the statue's mouths...