Monday, April 25, 2011


Though usually native to the warmer, southern lands, lizardfolk have been spotted Beyond the Wall. Most sightings have occurred in deep caverns or near volcanic vents. One expedition into the Northern Wastes found a small clan of lizardfolk around one of the magma pools that appear sporadically in that frozen land.
Lizardfolk or lizardman nests are usually run by a dominate male. He can be spotted by his elaborate, brightly colored crest. Duller colored, lesser males sometimes wear crude warpaint in times of battle to intimidate their foes. Females are not normally found outside the nesting area, which is usually the darkest, hottest area of their cave systems.
Lizardfolk are slow to rouse, but once started they are vicious combatants. They carry mostly crude stone weapons, not being metalworkers, but have been known to carry metal weapons, looted from war or traded with other subterranean races. In times of famine or duress, the stronger males have been known to eat their own. They are definitely not above eating captives.
One should not underestimate lizardfolk, as many a would be adventurer have found out. They may seem primitive, but they have managed to survive in what would seem inhospitable climates.

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