Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm going to pop out of the narrative for moment to thank everyone who has travelled with me Beyond the Wall. This really all started when I discovered the OD&D revolution. The world Beyond the Wall has let me reconnect with old friends, introduce my kids to something that was special to me growing up, reflex some tired old drawing muscles and create a world somewhere just beyond the horizon. How many things let you do that?
Work, house moves and sports schedules have kept me away too long, so hopefully here in the next few weeks, you'll see new adventures from Gildrid, Gruffydd, Gustav, Laramine, Miss Adventure, Nemon and their new friend, Morey.
Until then, thanks for following along.


  1. It's a joy to visit Beyond the Wall. Great write-ups, fun gaming and good art.

  2. Love that the dice in the image are Gold. And the fact they have engraved runes on each face must mean they are rare, mysterious and arcane.
    Of course Nemon will now be looking for similar perfectly formed gold nuggets on his adventures!

  3. Yep, Nemon = broad of shoulder and dumb as a stump!