Friday, June 4, 2010

Character Profile: Gruffydd

 Unlike most of the adventurers who come to Wall, Gruffydd Stoneseat's past is no secret. He is the son of an infamous dwarven family of rogues and thieves. Embarrassed by his family and their less than noble occupations, Gruffydd left his home and ventured forth to make his own name,and restore his family name to honor and glory.
But, for all his good intentions he is still a callous, insensitive, jealous, and somewhat dirty young dwarf looking for his way in a very dangerous world. Despite this, he is well-spoken, driven, and at times verges on the brilliant. His ability to go on when others cannot, has
made him a valuable traveling companion. Gruffydd's weapon of choice is a large stone hammer he has boastingly named Spinecrusher. He has a love of exotic animals, but hates goblinoids and all their relations. He is cheap, and is ever playing the martyr, using his embarrassment for his family as a stone to be borne and shown to all to see.

Gruffydd is played by Lead Addict, fellow lifelong gamer and bestest friend.

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