Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Character Profile: Gildrid

The elf known as Gildrid hails form The-Great-Woods-By-The-Sea, far to the south. LIke most elves his age, he has reached the time in life called Wundensheiv . This elven term refers to growing boredom with sedentary life amongst the great woods, and a need go out into the greater world. Gildrid arrived in wall with Mellion, a distant cousin (despite the fact that all elves refer to each other as "cousin", Mellion and Gildrid really are related closely by blood).
While adventuring, Gildrid has proven to be a fearless fighter, willing to step into danger, usually with a little more forethought than his cousin. He has a strange relationship with the halfling Miss Adventure. They keep up an almost constant banter, bordering sometimes on the hurtful. But, if either one is in danger, they are the first the help the other.
Another odd affectation is Gildrid's gruesome collection of trophies. Every monster slain adds a new trinket to his collection, giant spider legs, fangs, etc. Some of these trophies have been sold off to great profit at Professor Nodd's.
Whatever his sometimes odd behoavior, Gildrid has proven himself time and time again to his party.
(Note: Gildrid is played by my 9 year-old son, brother in real life to Miss Adventure)

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