Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NPCs: Miss Maggie

The Hole tavern has existed almost as long as Wall itself. And for as long as anybody can remember, Miss Maggie has run it. Assisted by her barkeep, Tancred, the Hole is a run like a well oiled machine. No one is without food, drink or information if the money's right. There isn't much that goes on in Wall that Maggie doesn't know about, and she watches over her kingdom from her throne, the last stool on the right.
Few things are known of Maggie's past, but the general consensus is she was an adventurer of some renown. Her opinion is much respected by customers and city fathers alike, and her word in the Hole is law.
No fighting, no magic, and no mischief making are the rules. Lawbreakers quickly find themselves out on the street, and count themselves lucky if they still have all their teeth.
Anyone seeking adventure Beyond the Hole, should make their first stop in the Hole. The few that return usually have a bit of thanks to Miss Maggie. A scrap of information, or a bit of advice from Maggie has often saved their hides.

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