Monday, September 12, 2011

The end

Gruffydd went to stand above the body of Newly. She looked like a log pulled from the fire. A burnt husk. The dwarf went to touch her, but she turned to ash.
All was quiet.
Miss Adventure began fumbling through the ashes. Gruffydd was about to say something when the halfing pulled something shiny from the mess. She lifted into the cold morning. It was a lrge seed, the size of an egg. Golden.
Without hesitation or a word, the party began hacking at the frozen ground. When they had a small pit, Miss Adventure gingerly placed the seed into the hole and began covering it up.
Next, they hauled as many of the stiff guardsmen's bodies onto the horses as they could, along with a hobgoblin standard, and a few black masks. Laden with gold and the dead, they returned to Wall...

1 comment:

  1. Well, what an end to that adventure. After they drink and party for a while, I suspect that the fools . . . I mean the party . . . will venture back out once again.

    A good story, sir.

    -- Jeff