Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stumbling in the Dark

Morey tumbled through a web of vines and dead leaves into a dark cave. The sounds of battle still echoed into his new refuge, so the young magic user stumbled further into the cave. In the back, he found a small passage. With one more backwards look towards the cave's mouth, he ran down the tunnel.
After a few strides, he stopped. It was almost too black to see this far into the cave. Morey fumbled with flint, and fished a small bullseye lantern out of his pack. It was dented by his hasty retreat, but still functional. The new light showed a tunnel running roughly north east, carved by some sort of large burrowing creature. Cautiously, he moved forward.
The passage branched off back the way he came. He flashed the lantern down that way, and was greeted my large rodent eyes. A giant rat. Bigger than the ones sometimes found at harvest time back home.

With a startled yelp, Morey hurried up the passage he was on, hoping the rat wouldn't follow. His tunnel ended in a passage running east to west, this one of finished stone. Ahead, he could see a soft light. A quick glance around a doorway revealed a large room. In it stood another group of adventurers!