Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Professor Nodd's: Apothecary and Curiosities

On a dead end street, tucked up against the Wall itself, lies Professor Nodd's. You'd walk right past it, if you weren't looking for it. Some say there's a spell on the shop, that does just that.
Did you find an scroll that needs deciphering? Do you have a cursed sword that needs un-cursing? What about a magic ring, need one of those? You can find all that and more at Professor Nodd's. The old curmudgeon that is Professor Nodd has been around for as long as any can remember. He is ill tempered and sometimes rude, but a genius at all things magic. Like most of Wall, the Professor is surrounded in mystery. Some theorize he is a retired adventurer, others think he really is a professor, cast out from University for delving in the Black Arts. No one has actually seen Nodd perform any type of spell but on several occasions he has come to aid of Wall when demon has been loosed or a curse laid. Whatever his past, Nodd is tight lipped about it and all business.
For the right amount of gold, anything seems available at his shop, from cursed monkey hands to magic blades. Any adventurer worth his salt should make a stop by the end of the street, where there's a shop that isn't there.

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