Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fire and Ice

Chaos. Every member of the party not fighting was trying to put burning parts of their clothes out.   The elves tried to stay back, and pelt the bugs with arrows, but they proved a tough target, skittering about. Everyone else tried to get in stabs between bursts of flame. The beetles that were left alone, passed by the party and down side halls. But, those were few.
When it was over, all had been wounded and burnt. The hallway still smoldered, and was full of the twitching corpses of bugs. Gustav was found trapped under the coach.
"Baby Dragons, huh?", Gruffydd said as he tossed the burnt wreck of furniture aside. The party shot Gustav murderous looks.
Gustav said nothing but scurried into the small room the beetles had been trapped in.
Gruffyd studied it. He then bent and began scrapping with his dagger on one of the stones near the base of the back wall. He pried it out. Then a stout wooden box.
It contained 500 electrum pieces!
The young cleric had a look that told everyone "I told you it was worth looking in here."
Burnt, bruised and bloodied they crawled to the level above. Rather than face the long rope climb to the surface, they were able to find the entrance Morey had discovered.
Outside, it was cold. It was dark. And the world was covered in snow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another log on the fire

Nemon put a torch near the bars. He almost lost his arm, when a huge claw made a swipe for him.
"Weasel", said Gruffydd. The group gave a collective shutter. They had witnessed the death of Dimzad, a former member of the group, to a giant weasel. They still remembered the lower of half of the dwarf's body walking around, spurting blood. The top half devoured by a weasel just like this one.
Everyone began notching arrows.
"You're not going to simply kill a caged animal?" Morey the young magician asked, horror in his voice. "It can't hurt us, locked away like that".
Just the then the giant lunged at the cage. The rusty bars gave way in a few spots.
"Shoot it! Shoot it!" Morey screamed.
It took way more arrows than anyone had hoped. The cage opened, Gruffydd rummaged through the cage. He was, like the rest of the party, already covered in blood, dirt, and soot. What was a little weasel crap too? He found a few undigested coins and a belt buckle. Probably from some hapless adventurer.
Miss Adventure yawned, "We should leave. It's getting late, and this level is empty."
"No it's not", came the retort from the cleric Gustav. "we still have that room full of baby dragons."
No one seemed interested in the room.
"Look", said Gruffydd. "I'm gonna find some other way out of this place that doesn't require me hauling my ass up that rope to the top of the well. Who's with me?"
The group began shuffling towards the door and to the stairs to the level above.
Nemon, the tough mercenary from the wars in the South, took pity on the young holy-man. "I'll go with you".
With the rest of the party waiting to move on, Nemon and Gustav made their way down the dark corridor to the doorway plugged up with the filthy divan. Nemon stood back a ways as Gustav clambered up the side.
He peered in. Still dark, except for the occasional flash on light, and the soft clicking that proceeded it. He held on with one had, while he rummaged through a bag. He pulled out a flask on torch oil. Then Gustav threw the flask through the small gap between the sofa and the top of the doorway. He heard the flask break.
Click-click. Nothing. Click-click.
There was a flash of light and an impact. The group down the hallway felt the concussion and the heat. Nemon was knocked off his feet. Gustav disappeared under the burning wreck of the divan.
The hall was engulfed in fire.
And movement. A least a dozen beetles, the size of large dogs, came pouring out of the room. Fire spitting out of their mouths...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Map in hand, the party left the room and headed for the as yet, untried door just outside the chamber. A quick listen revealed little.
It was unlocked. Gruffydd pushed the door open slightly. A sputtering torch lit a small room. In the center a small goblin ate something nasty from and earthen bowl. Another slept on a cot nearby.
The dwarf kicked the door open and the party barged in. The eating goblin had just reached for a spear next to him, when Gustav brained him with a mace. Miss Adventure buried a sword in the sleeping goblin before it stirred. The room was mostly empty, and smelled terrible. Nemon was pondering where he had smelled the odor before, when something stirred in the corner. That's when the group noticed the back wall had rusty bars along it's length. Something moved behind those bars. Something big....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the Map

The big hobgoblin roared and swung a huge curved blade at the party. Behind him, two goblins had been looking at a map on a table. They also sprang forward, blades drawn.
Nemon and Gruffydd took the big one, while the rest went after the goblins.
Gruffydd landed a hammer blow squarely on the hobgoblin's chest. He staggered. Nemon, shield bashed the boss further back, knocking the hob into the table, shattering it.
Meanwhile, the others wee picking off the goblins. Seeing his leader down, one of the goblins made a run for the door. he was struck by an arrow and a bolt, dropping him.

The winded hobgoblin was trying to stand when Gruffydd hit him again. The boss took it and slashed with his sword. The dwarf fell, but not wounded. The hobgoblin stood above the dwarf, ready to finish him. That's when Nemon's throwing knives hit him. He stepped back, knives sticking out of his orange chest. The hobgoblin leader dropped to one knee then fell forward.
Two golden torcs were found on the goblins along with shining silver gauntlets.
The big leader had a small bag tucked under his belly sash. It had 8 sizable gems in it. Most importantly, a map was found. Not a map of the Well of Souls, but of the Wall. Diagrams and movements were scrawled on it.
Someone was planning a coordinated attack on Wall soon...

Monday, August 22, 2011

the Boss

Gildrid's arrow thudded into the guard's shoulder pinning him the door. He let out a small squawk, right before two crossbow bolts hit the hobgoblin in the throat and open mouth. He sagged down, still pinned to the door.
The party quickly moved down the hall. There was a door at the corner to the right. They ignored it. As quietly as they could they pried the guard form the door and set him down. The fighters crammed the doorway.
Gildrid cleared his throat, then while banging on the locked door, in hobgoblin said, "Hey, let me in!"
A loud voice replied, "Who in the Nine Hells do you think you are? Banging on my door! Grashnak, I'm going to stomp a new hole in yer face!"
THe door swung open to reveal the largest hobgoblin yet.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silent Death

Behind the banner was hidden two boxes. One was made wood, heavy, bound with iron. The other with small, made of metal. Miss Adventure stepped forward as the party's only thief. She looked both boxes over, then carefully opened them. The larger of two was full of electrum. One hundred pieces to be precise. A collective gasp went through the group.
A faint blue crack of light appeared when the smaller box was opened. Inside, resting inside the velvet lining were two vials of the Tears of Shyalla. The blue light gave them away as the famed healing draughts they were.
Now the only thing left to investigate was the wooden door on the south wall. Torches were quickly extinguished, lest their light give them away when opening the door. A quick listen...
A tug. It was open.
Those with infravision could see a single shape at the end of the hallway. A guard for the door beyond. He a was an especially large hobgoblin, absently digging under one of his clawed fingers with a dagger.
Gildrid quietly stepped out. He took a breath, and aimed. Then released...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roaming about

A bolt from Mellion's crossbow hit the goblin squarely between the eyes. Everyone held their breath as the goblin teetered back and forth before finally collapsing.
"Boom!" When the goblin dropped, the jar hit floor, engulfing the room and its junk in flames. Gruffydd quickly grabbed a tattered tapestry from the wall and began to beat at the fire. Nemon went to grab his water bottle, then remembered it was empty thanks to Mellion.
Miss Adventure watched the hall as Morey began an incantation.
Awhile later the fire was finally tamed. The party was now covered in soot along with goblin blood. Anything that might have been valuable in the room was destroyed. A search of the goblin, however, yielded a large gold necklace and well crafted leather armor under his rags. Miss Adventure took the armor as she was the only one small enough.
After a checking the room and surrounding passages for traps and secret doors, the party finally ventured towards the southern passage where most of the goblinoids had emerged. They moved cautiously.
The hallway made sharp turn towards the east that ended in an open door. Peering through the crack they saw what must of been barracks. The room was too tidy to be goblin living quarters. The cots were made, and the place was generally well kept. And it was empty.
On the western wall hung a banner....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fire, fire, fire!

The crazed barrel chested goblin was hacked in two by Nemon's sword. This prompted the rest of goblins to attack. They came in one big rush. Nemon stepped back into the cover of the southern passage. The goblin horde was forced to not only split their attacks, but become funneled down the hallways, thus reducing the effect of number.
Gruffydd and Nemon took the brunt of the assault, being at the front of their groups. That didn't keep the elves from firing over their backs. Two greenskins died this way, arrows in the face.
Next, the hobgoblins cam roaring in. One managed to stab Gruffydd with a jagged spear, but didn't do much damage before the dwarf's hammer caved in his face. Miss Aventure had crawled under the fight and was jabbing at ankles. Anyone goblin who fell was quickly dispatched.
Soon, only one hobgoblin was left. Surrounded, he gave a defiant war cry before Gustav crushed his skull.
It had been a bloody fight. The party had only been scratched, thanks to the carefully laid ambush, but they were covered in black blood. A quick search of the bodies yielded more electrum. Where was all of this rare coinage coming from?
Despite, Gustav's constant urgings to "go back and grab the dragons", the party headed down the south passage to a door. Shouting was heard behind it,
Nemon kicked the door in. It was a small, filthy room full of debris and junk. In its center stood a lone, dirty goblin. Instead of being frightened, he smiled and grabbed a  sputtering candle. With this, he lit the top of jar at his feet. He picked up the flaming jar and cackled at the adventurers.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ambush

Two heavily armed and armored hobgoblins stepped into sight. Gildrid's arrow caught one just above his gorget. Black blood spewed all over his companion as he thunked to the floor. The remaining hobgoblin turned and fled. Mellion drew a bead on him, but the bolt from his crossbow went wide.
The two elves alerted the rest of the party. "He'll be back," said Gruffydd, "with friends."
After some discussion, it was decided to lay a trap at the intersection where before the secret door. Half of the party would hide on north, the other half to the south. The fighters, Nemon and Gruffydd would be in the front.
It wasn't long before a group of goblinoids came down the hall. There were two hobgoblins and 6 of their lesser kin. One of the goblins, a barrel chested larger creature, was sniffing at the air.
"This way!" he squeaked, and pointed the direction of the party. With a bellow he charged ahead of the rest.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hitting a wall

Gruffydd was up and over the barricade before the goblins knew what was happening. Miss Adventure was atop the pile, swinging away with her short sword. Even Morey, who until then had held back from most of the frays, had waded in, stabbing with his dagger.
Gustav the cleric took a barbed spear to the stomach and retreated, to be replaced in the line by Nemon, whose heavy armor often meant he got to the fight last.
It was quick work with only Gustav and Gildrid hurt. The benevolent cleric decided to use a healing spell on himself, and left Gildrid to beg for a healing draught from Miss Adventure. The halfling begrudgingly handed it to him.
After loot was taken (more electrum), the party headed west, with a keen eye to the dark passage south. The passage ended with another junction north and south. At this intersection was a wall. On the wall was a carved relief of a bearded man with a hand held aloft. Light rays sprang from his hand, while his other held a staff. At his feet were skulls. A wizard? A god?

Gruffydd, the only dwarf in the party stroked his beard as he often did while deep in thought. He reached forward and touched the wall. With cloud of dust and a deep creaking the wall rose up, revealing a huge cavern beyond. It appeared to be a temple of sorts, with tall pillars and an alter.
Another fierce debate began. Some wanted to enter the temple. Some wanted to see what lay north or south. Gustav wanted to go back to where he believed his baby dragons dwelled.
Mellion and Gildrid, the two elves had been left behind at the barricade could the party's shouting from where they were. Apparently, they weren't the only ones.
A voice from the unexplored southern passage shouted, "What's all this, then?"
The question was asked in Hobgoblin.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the Barricades

Having searched the room, it was time to move on. The party had passed a corridor leading south on the way to the goblin guard room. It ended in a "T" junction with a corridor west and one east. The eastern route lead to a doorway blocked from the outside by a filthy and scorched divan. The way west had movement for those with infra-vision, Unfortunately, the torches burning for the Men in the group were obscuring said vision.
Miss Adventure was tasked with crawling up the dirty couch. There was a small opening at the top where the doorway wasn't blocked. Through the crack she saw bright flashes, almost like someone trying to start a fire with a flint. Then, there was a bright flash of fire. Whatever lurked inside, there was lots of scurrying about in the small room.
"Baby dragons." Gustav the cleric concluded. "It has to be. We should grab them."
"You don't know that," said Miss Adventure.
This only started more debate. More arguing.
Gildrid had been left to watch the junction. He heard a whirring noise, then felt the impact of a small barbed javelin hit his shield. "Hey! Someone's shooting at us!"
The strange barricaded room was quickly abandoned as everyone ran towards the commotion.
Another javelin flew by. A third thudded into Gildrid's shoulder. The elf dropped to his knees.
Gustav, Gruffydd and Nemor rushed towards the source of the missile fire. There, in the middle of a corridor junction, was a small barricade. It was made discarded furniture, boxes and the detritus of passing adventurers. Behind this, a gaggle of goblins waited.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of goblins and gold

Gruffydd's hammer smashed the goblin's head like an eggshell. The rest of the goblins inside hissed in alarm. The table they were gaming at, quickly went on its side, to act as makeshift cover. A fat one fumbled with a crossbow, trying desperately to load it. Mellion, still in the doorway fumbled with his own crossbow.
Gildrid, and Gruffydd charged from the doorway, while the rest of the party, further back moved up. Gruffyd, the dwarf, barreled into table, trying to smash it. Instead, the table slid back against the far wall, pinning the goblins.
A desperate struggle ensued, with both sides slicing at each other over the top of the table's edge. The goblins would pop up, and the adventures would try to whack their exposed heads, like some silly game. Except, this game was more deadly.
With everyone crowded around the table, Mellion decided it was time to take a shot with his crossbow. He closed one eye. His tongue sticking out the side of his mouth in concentration.
"Kwing!" went the crossbow string. "Twack!" right into Nemon's backside. Luckily it hit the fighter's water bag, emptying the contents on the dungeon floor. "Hey!," Nemon shouted, "Who's  side are you on?"
Miss Adventure had by this time creeped around the side. She dispatched a distracted Goblin with a quick sword thrust. The others finally smashed, hacked and hewed the remaining goblins.
The small room seemed to have been a guard room. It contained the usual mishmash of untidy goblin life. The goblins themselves though, were curious. Their equipment was in good shape for goblins. Weapons, however crude, were polished. And strangest of all, they carried Electrum pieces!

Monday, August 8, 2011

...and into the dark they went once more

The arguing about where to go next ended abruptly when the stranger entered the room. He was a young Man, dishevelled, in a blue robe. He was out of breath, "Rat......big rat...down that way..."
He pointed towards the caverns to the south.
"Yes," said Gruffydd, "we know. More importantly, where are you from?" The dwarf lifted his hammer.
"m-my name is Morey." He stood up straighter. "Morey the magian. I came seeking adventure, but my party was ambushed outside these caves...." His voice trailed off as his looked around, as if seeing the finished stone of Well of Souls for the first time.
"You're welcome to stay with us", said Nemon. "but know, we aim to delve deeper into this place. Tis, a dangerous, dark place, fraught with peril."
Morey simply nodded.
As they readied their gear to head down the dark stairs to the west, they heard the great warrior Laramine stagger and make sounds as if to speak. He shook violently until he was almost a blur. There was a loud "POP!" with a bright blue light. There, where Laramine stood, was Mellion the Elf, looking a bit surprised. He shouted "It worked!"
Everyone was a bit stunned. The Elf explained. "When I found out you had left Wall a few days ago, I wanted to follow, but I knew it would be suicide to follow alone in the wilderness. I went to see Professor Nodd. I asked if there was a way to transport me to you. He said there was, but it would not teleport me, but tranpose me with another. He asked if a I had something that belonged to one of you. I said I had "borrowed" one of Laramine's daggers. A handful of gold pieces later, here I am. By the way, what's "transpose mean? And where's Laramine?"
Gruffydd growled and hefted his gear. "Cmon! this way."
The party started down the steps. Morey leaned close to Miss Adventure, who was eating a apple, seemingly unsurprised by the recent happenings. "Does this sort of thing happen alot?," Morey asked her.
Miss Adventure shrugged, and threw the apple core behind her.
The stairs wound down and around. Gruffydd reached the landing first. There and the end of corridor was a slightly open door. A faint light shown through the crack. He looked behind him and whispered, Elves, up front".
Gildrid and Mellion tiptoed to the door, Gruffydd close behind. Mellion pressed a pointed ear close. Inside, he heard voices. There was also laughter, or screaming. It was hard to tell.
Gildrid did like-wise.
It was then the door creaked open. There, in the doorway, stood a very surprised goblin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Patience gentle viewers. Friday night the quest continues....