Monday, June 24, 2013


Gruffydd could smell the rank breath of the Manticore. It was that close. He awaited the stroke that would send him to his ancestors.
Then the beast howled in pain. Peering over his shield, he could see Miss Adeventure. The halfling had sped down the hallway and came from behind the manticore through another door. She had drove her short sword deep into the creatures flank. It swung to smash her but she ducked. It t launched poisoned tail spikes, but they missed.
Gruffydd saw his opportunity, and charged. His hammer smashed the manticore's turned head. When it turned sluggishly to face him, a bolt from Mellion's crossbow punctured it's eye. It took a few steps, sliding on the coins that filled the floor, then slumped down dead.
Looking about, most of the party was down.
"We have no more Tears of Shealla," Gruffydd said. "Their wounds are to grievous for me to mend".
"Maybe not completely out," Miss Adventure spoke. She pulled two small vials from her pack, meekly. "Had to keep something for me"
The gave the first vial to Gustav. Once her was awake he was able to call upon heavenly help to heal Gildrid. Nemon got the other vial.
Now, they took stock of the room. Beside the huge bulk of the manticore, the room was filled ankle deep with thousands of coins of every type. Coinage with visages of kings and empires long dead.
"Almost too much to carry", said Nemon.
"Almost", smiled Gildrid.
Their smiles quickly faded when a distant roar was heard. A roar very similar to the angry bellows of their recently defeated foe.