Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fight at the Creek

Mellion's horse was not a warhorse. And as such, it reared short of the little monsters. He swung wildly with his sword and missed. The creatures leapt at him. One dug a nasty dagger into the elf's thigh. The other slashed at his ankle. The dagger went in deep.
By now the rest of the party was on the way. "Kobolds!" Gruffydd shouted.
There was a rush of wind and a blur as Miss Adventure blew past the rest, off to the southwest to cut off the fleeing creatures. This was followed by a loud "Shaa-kow" as brilliant blue magical bolt leapt from Guthix's hands to slam unerringly into a fleeing kobold. The creature exploded in a dazzling blue flame. Chunks of meat rained down into the creek and further frightened the kobolds already running. "Crap," Guthix said. "I forgot, I can only do that once a day." The young magician cursed under his breath and trudged down the hill.
Mellion had managed to hack one of the kobolds to death, and the other was quickly dispatched by a charging hammer blow from Gruffydd. The rest of the party went after the fleeing kobolds, who were now dropping their loot to run faster. Nemon brought up the rear, clanking behind is his heavy armor.
Thunk! An arrow from Gildrid skewered another kobold, but the creature kept running. The little monsters were so busy looking over their shoulders they nearly ran into Miss Adventure. She drew her dagger that was now tainted with Crab Spider venom, and grinned at them. "Boo!"
The surviving kobolds were terrified now. They were trapped between an obviously fearless halfling, and a crowd of heavily armed strangers splashing down the creek. "Let them go!" Gruffydd bellowed. "We'll follow them to their lair!"
"No! Kill them now!" It was Dimzad, bouncing along on his goat. His blood was up, and he wanted a kill.
Miss adventure stepped aside. The kobolds looked at her nervously and saw the opening to run. They scurried off, carrying their wounded brother. The party followed at a safe distance, except for Nemon, who was winded by all the running in armor, and Gruffydd, who had stopped to examine the loot.
The party followed for a few minutes by lost sight of the kobolds once they reached an area where vegetation had sprouted along the creek. After a few minutes searching they found a hole in the side of an embankment. The sides banked up with mud, and kobold footprints betrayed this as their hide out.
Dimzad, though the hole was just big enough for him, dived in head first. He barely had room to move. The tunnel was pitch black, but his infra-vision showed movement ahead. "Gotcha!", he said.
A mass of claws and legs shot from the black. It was the biggest crayfish Dimzad had ever seen. He had seen big ones too, found in the pools and depths of his mountain home. Before he had time to react, this one clamped a claw around his face, slowly crushing his skull.