Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Blighted Coast

Far to north and east, many leagues Beyond the Wall, lies the Blighted Coast. It is a windswept, somber place, with dark crags that rise like rotted dragon's teeth from beaches. The gray waves beat mercilessly upon deserted shores. Long ago, even before the founding of the Empire, a great city resided here. But, whether through fate or dark sorcery, a star fell from the heavens one fateful night, and blasted it to ruins, along with surrounding shoreline.
Now, not even the ghosts of those long dead people dare not walk the sands of the Blighted Coast. Black ships prowl the waters. Those foolish enough to brave the coast looking for treasures from past, find themselves at the mercy of these dark raiders.
The ships appear from nowhere, silent and sleek, their prows adorned withe terrible carvings of spiders and other fell beasts. They are slavers, it is said, come to take the unwary to their dark abode. Better to die, the old sailors say, than to be taken alive on the Blighted Coast.