Monday, November 11, 2013


Lizardmen seemed to pour from every dark crevice. Them approached slowly in a low crouch, all the while emitting a low hiss. They came from both ends of the tunnel, a least a dozen.
Then, suddenly, the hissing stopped as well as the advancing reptiles. For a moment, no one moved.
"Well," Gruffydd shouted, "come on then!"
Beyond the edge of the light of their torches, something big moved. Some of the lizrdmen shuffled aside. Into the light stepped a giant Lizardman.
He was brighter in color than the rest. He had great spines protruding from his head and back. His helmet was made from a great serpent, fangs and all. Bones made his breast plate. He carried a great axe made of sharpened stone.
The great beast flicked a bright blue tongue to taste the air.
Then, with a great war cry, Gruffyd attacked.