Friday, March 5, 2010

People and Places Beyond the Wall

As you might have gathered, gentle listener, Beyond the Wall is a deadly place. Most that enter its wilds seldom return. But, a few see it as a sanctuary, a last wilderness beyond the reach of law and civilization. In fact, many infamous bandit chieftains have left the south behind and set petty kingdoms behind walls of ruined fortresses and deep woods. Karok Bloodhand is rumored to inhabit an old castle beyond the Black River. There he prays on adventures and monsters alike, safe to retreat within its walls.
Possibly the greatest of the these groups of cut throats, is the Brotherhood of the Black Hood. They have formed a veritable army of thieves and murderers. Some say Brotherhood spies creep into Wall now and then to collect rumors of expeditions. Then they wait to waylay adventurers and tomb robbers along the roads.
The Brotherhood often wears crude black hoods made of dyed burlap, and hangman's nooses around there necks. These serve two purposes. One, to frighten any would be foes, the other, to remind them of their fate should they be taken alive. Horns are also sometimes sewn on the hoods. From a distance, they appear as demons and monsters. Useful to scare off unwary opponents.
The Brotherhood's leader is a shadowy figure. He is an unnamed giant of a man and is known to have killed 13 contenders to his thrown barehanded. He is also thought to have amassed vast wealth in his hidden fortress. Any adventurers brave, or foolish enough, to enter his lands will have a fight on their hands, and possibly end up with a noose around their necks.


  1. Anyone from southern Missouri will know where I stole the look from.

  2. I very much like this addition to your setting. You keep this up and I might have to borrow your setting!