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Known as the Lord of the Sea, also called Murr, Urras, Deep Father, Master of the Depths, Master of Storms and the Taker.
One of the Six Who Reign Below
His symbol is the trident, or the kraken. He is often depicted as a bare chested, green bearded man or a great merman or squid.

Ul-Merr is brother to Arnor. To him was given mastery of the seas. As Arnor is distant and aloof, Ul-Merr is rash and inconstant as the sea. He may speed a ship along its way with gentle winds, or just as easily smash it against the rocks.
Seafarers often affix his symbol to the prows of their ships with three nails. Three being Ul-Merr's sacred number. Cautious captins make three sacrifices before each voyage. First is a gift of gold, as Ul-Merr delights in shiney objects. Second is a gift of food. The third must be a gift of blood. It is said, those who die at sea, become servants of the sea god, denied passage to Gates of Morr. Thus, one of his names id the Taker.

Ul-Merr has taken no wife. Instead he delights in enticing mortal women. He rarely stays long enough to see the birth of his offspring. Many women die giving birth to a demi-god. Those progeny that survive often become lesser gods of rivers and springs, most with their father's temper.

When not bedding mortal women or smashing ships, Ul-Merr hunts the depths for those vestiges of the dark gods. Mammoth creatures of the deep.

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  1. Cool! Hivemind at work!

    This is as close as anything I have seen written to the version of the Elder Elemental God I'm working on.