Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gods and Goddesses

In the beginning, the primordial World was ruled by the Old Ones. Dark gods of chaos, ever changing as the planet itself. They were entropy and darkness incarnate. Then, came the One. The One was a light in the darkness. The One fought the dark gods and destroyed them. But, in the battle, the One became fractured, some say wounded. Depending on which priest you ask, the One either bled twelve single drops of blood onto the now stable world, or split into twelve pieces.
These twelve pieces became the pantheon of today. They are known as the "Twelve-Who-Are-One", or more often "The Six who Reign Above and the Six who Reign Below".
These gods have many aspects of themselves, versions that represent different things to different peoples and races. They have many names. In the Empire, Krolos is the god of War. To the men of North, the Thundri, he is Kral, god of War but also of Winter, and cold forgotten places.
The priests would have us believe they take very active roles in our lives. Their works, they say, are all around us.
Most adventurers will tell you they have seen many strange things. A whispered prayer that saved them from a dark beast. A talisman that holds back the dead.
To begin, we should start with the Father...

Known as the Father, also called Aenir, Aesirah, the Lord of the Heavens, the Sun King and the Traveler.
One of the Six Who Reign Above.
His symbol is the sun and stars. He is often depicted as bearded man crossed with a sun, or wind manifested as face blowing clouds.

Arnor was first to rise from the One's ashes. As such, he chose mastery over the sky, the air and the sun. And with it he became Lord of Light. He is also master of Order and Law.
Travelers often pray to him to light their way, but it might just as often be a farmer, praying for good weather. But Arnor is an aloof god, as befits his station, distant from the world of men, He is neutral in his stance and really only intervenes when the forces of Chaos might prevail.
Many a priest or paladin chosen by Arnor spend their lives tested by their faith. The Sun King does not shower his faithful in gifts, but those who stay in his service often become those heroes of history.
Long ago, when the Empire was born, the first Emperors chose Arnor as their symbol. Even though Emperors through the ages have added their sigil to the Imperial standard, it is always surmounted by the sun of Arnor.
Arnor's wife is Nyalla, the Mother. As Arnor is master of those things above, she holds sway over those below. Theirs is a contentious marriage, as anyone who has witnessed a tornado or earthquake will tell you.

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