Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Krag

When a vein of Mithril was was discovered in the mountainous Dragon's Teeth, dwarven miners quickly moved in. That small mining community quickly grew, and in time became a Karrak Un Kraggen, or simply the Krag because of the mountain's jagged appearance.
It survived much of the strife caused by the collapse of the Empire, but soon became more isolated by the building of the Wall. Communication became scattered, then suddenly ended after the First Great Incursion.
Several caravans and search parties have gone Beyond the Wall looking for the Krag. It's very location has become lost to Time. But none of the parties has ever returned. In fact, as recently as three months ago, a well armed dwarven caravan left Wall to look for their lost cousins. No word has surfaced of their condition.
In its time, the Krag was a wealthy Dwarfhold. Who knows what riches (or dangers) lie there still. Will adventurers find a still thriving Dwarven city, struggling to survive a hostile world, or a monster infested deathtrap waiting to engulf them?


  1. I say death trap, I say death trap!

  2. Someplace in between. The dwarves will be twisted shades of their former selves!