Thursday, April 22, 2010

the Glory of the Empire

For most people who dwell in Wall, the Empire is a distant idea. Few give it much thought, other than when money is exchanged, and they glance at the Emperor's profile stamped on the coin.
Speaking of Emperors, the current Lord and Protector of the Empire is Theodotius III, a mere lad of eleven years. He came to power in a palace coup, involving his mother Ekaterina, the current regent and real power behind the  Iron Throne. The rumor is the Regent poisoned her brother, the former Emperor, to put her son in imperial purple. This was a double betrayal, as not only did Ekaterina kill her own brother, but the Captain of the Imperial Guard (also known as the Thurnian Guard) was involved. If true, this would be unprecedented. The Thurnian Guard are recruited from the Northern tribes, not only for their ingrained fierce loyalty, but also because it was hoped being foreigners, they would be free of palace intrigues.
Whatever the case, Theodotius sits upon the throne, however precariously.
The imperial standard still flies within its much reduced borders. The Empire is usually represented by three pillars representing the Emperor, the Great Council and the People. Sometimes, a sun, the symbol of Arnor the Greatfather, is shown alone or in concert with other symbols. Lastly, a three headed dragon is used to represent Kelus the first emperor, slayer of the legendary dragon Gorguth.

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